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A Premium French-Inspired Pâtisserie in Penang

Our Story

The letter “L” symbolizes “LOVE” – the fundamental principle of life.

Everyone deserves to be loved.
Loving and Being Loved could bring a sense of luxurious feeling, and when you do your heart is complete.

At Le L, as we understand how vital love expresses, human connection and enjoyment of life are to our guests, we have taken the initiative to infuse our love and passion into designing a set of Confection Menü representing the journey of “LOVE”. Making your love announcement premium, exclusive and unique for your loved ones.

A sweet expression of tenderness, a dash of devotion, and a heap of the heart represent a delicious reminder of our love story. It epitomizes the sweetness we bring to each other’s lives, a love story expressed through the flavors of Le L.

With each stroke of the whisk and fold of the batter, our French Pastry Chef ensures it is done flawlessly and luxuriously. Handpicking and handcrafting with love and commitment entirely.

Our unprecedented Butler icon has also been developed as part of Le L’s signature, where our Butlers carefully prepare and box each love creation for our guests.

Enjoy world-class premium guest experience amidst sweet bites, coupled with love messages and luxurious memories.

And that is why Le L Patisserie came into existence.
~ A Premium French-Inspired Pâtisserie in Penang.~


“Be Loved. Be Luxurious.”
Madame L. —- Le Founder